Friday, May 27, 2011

Writing as Identity

My being is defined by my writing and lately there has been a dearth of it.   It is my intention to start several writing projects.  Technically, I already started these projects a little while ago when I posted them on 43Things and bought the plain notebook that I've been carting around for weeks.  I want to really delve into them now though.  I used to write so much and now I feel so incredibly blocked.  I have so much to say and want to at least start compiling notes.  My projects will be as follows:
  • Submit another poem to Take-it-to-the-Street Poetry
  • Submit poetry to Infloressence (a poetry blog project of a friend of mine).
  • Participate in a poetry slam (or two...or more)
  • Get a poem published in a selective publication.
  • Enter some writing contests.
  • Draft/write some of the children's stories I started brainstorming
  • Come up with a few more short story ideas.
  • Start compiling notes for my creative non-fiction poetry memoir.
In doing these new projects I also want to solidify an archive of the work I've already done.  Maybe I can send some of the older work out (probably a good idea for Take-it-to-the-Street and Infloressence.  Hoping that when I start editing and submitting work that I'll feel more creative and then be able to write some new pieces.  Today, while walking to my coffee shop I felt so strongly about a poem.  Each word just poured into my brain but by the time I got to the coffee shop, after stopping to talk to a neighbor and taking time to order my drink, all but the essence of the poem had dissipated.  I tried rehashing the words but only got a rough uneasy sketch of what had been so fluid.  Maybe that will turn into something eventually--that isn't typically how my pieces work though.

Poetry Slam sounds SO daunting to me.  It's something that was suggested to me years ago and I've never thought myself confident enough to participate.  I still don't really know if I can do it but it sounds like a good opportunity to get my words out there.  The local place has contests for cash prizes (which, if I'm good at it, would be really helpful).

Writing contests fall under the same vein.  I've never sent any of my work out so contests and sending to selective publications will undoubtedly take some getting used to.  I'm sure there is just an incredibly amount of rejection happening based on how many amazing poets I interact with on Facebook.  Poetry is such an under recognized art form.  To get published and then really known in the poetic community must be extremely challenging.

Since the last year of college I've had two or three exceptional ideas for short story/children's books.  I wrote them in Spanish and may keep them that way but more than likely I will translate and flesh them out into short children's style novels.  They're heavy in content though--similar to the questionably sad tenor of Le Petit Prince.  I'd also like to do their illustrations.  Once I have them more fleshed out I may share drafts on here--unfortunately though due to some publishing issues and copyright concerns I also may not.  They really are beautiful ideas and if I can pull it off I'd like my name on them rather than some stranger stealing them away before I have the chance!

And then my big project.  The biggest of the big!  I have been dreaming and scheming up this idea for so long: a creative non-fiction poetry memoir.  My poems are typically based on fact--almost rigidly so.  I have this wonderful plan to mesh poetry into prose into thought-flow into more prose into story.  From all of this I plan to create a story arc that portrays a very creative somewhat fictionalized overlay for a non-fiction representation of my life experiences.  While nothing in my life has been particularly spectacular compared to what is already out in the literary world I feel I have something to say, something to teach and a create mode to put it forward that will be captivating (if I can pull it off).

So, there you have it...  big plans coming up.


UPDATE: Out of sheer restlesness I have already tackled the first two submission goals on my list.  I chose one poem for Take-it-to-the-Street Poetry and three other pieces for Infloressence.  I'm pleased with my choices and did some minor editing to a couple of the pieces before sending them over.

Hopefully I'll hear back on Infloressence in the next couple of weeks.

Take-it-to-the-Street is due out for it's next publication on July 1st.  I've asked to be able to submit a sketch to Take-it-to-the Street and we'll see what I'll choose to turn in for that. 

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